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LifeStart: every day counts!

The first Kalvens Dag is here. Now that you have been updated on the latest research findings and tips regarding calf management, it is time to put the theory into practice. After all, you only get one shot to make a good start. Those who work with calves make a difference every day for a new generation of dairy cows. That’s why the motto of Trouw Nutrition's LifeStart programme is: every day counts! After all, your calves’ potential to produce a lot of milk as cows is impacted by their growth in the first two months.

Small steps make a big difference

How would you rate your own management today? This is probably a difficult question. You often don't have the time to measure your own business’ performance. Some activities have also become part of your routine. Fortunately, small steps can bring about big changes, especially in calf rearing. A minor adjustment or improvement in the weaning period can often lead to unprecedented production results. Rely on LifeStart and science!

By applying our LifeStart feeding and rearing recommendations, you can immediately increase individual animal performance. You can also reduce illness, loss and costs efficiently.

LifeStart themes

  • Colostrum as the ultimate boost
  • Tackling calf diarrhea
  • The right calf milk composition
  • Successful weaning period
  • The optimal calving age
  • Optimal ration

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Do you also want to increase your income and give your calves the best possible LifeStart?

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